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Miriam Greenspan

Miriam Greenspan

     Miriam Greenspan, author of A New Approach to Women and Therapy, and Healing Through the Dark Emotions: The Wisdom of Grief, Fear, and Despair, invites you to use this site as a way to learn about the alchemy of the dark emotions: a transformational process by which grief becomes gratitude, fear turns to joy, and despair opens a doorway to a more resilient faith in life.

     You are welcome to read excerpts from Healing Through the Dark Emotions and become acquainted with this process, and to learn as well about emotional ecology: how our most profound experiences of grief, fear and despair are connected to the larger social and global contexts in which our emotions take shape. We are all strongly affected emotionally by the global crisis we are currently facing. I hope that this site and my book will help you feel more empowered to face into the darkness of our times and emerge all the stronger-emotionally, politically, and spiritually.

     Finally, I invite anyone who reads Healing Through the Dark Emotions to e-mail me with questions, feedback, and comments--and to send along any stories of dark emotional alchemy through grief, fear or despair that you have experienced yourself, for possible inclusion in a book-in-progress.

     Wishing you fortitude and courage in your journeys of healing!